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Philip Turton - Cosmetic Breast Surgeon - AugmentationHow do I decide on the size of the implants?

The average breast size in the UK is a "B" cup
Most patients desire to be a "C" cup
Bring pictures with you or review your surgeon's album
Asking for a natural shape augmentation is common
There are specific cosmetic techniques that can be used to give you a proportionate result

Anatomical McGhan breast implants: 280cc moderate projection.
Placed sub-muscular and sub-glandular: dual plane.



Philip Turton - Cosmetic Breast Surgeon - Breast ReductionCommonest reasons to request breast reduction surgery:

Dislike of appearance
For symptoms:
Neck and shoulder pain
Skin irritation
Poor posture
Problems with clothes
Social issues

Breast Reduction- right: Reduction weight right: 550gm, left: 550gm 3-months after surgery



Philip Turton - Cosmetic Breast Surgeon - Mastopexy

The medical term for breast sag is "ptosis"

Breast tissue tends to sag with increasing age- why?

More common after child birth and breast feeding
Hormonal influences
The internal breast ligaments (Cooper's ligaments) stretch
The skin stretches



Male Breast Surgery

Male Breast Surgery

Philip Turton - Male Breast SurgeryMen normally have very small amounts of breast tissue behind the nipple. Gynaecomastia is the medical term for the enlargement of the male breast as a result of an abnormal increase in the glandular tissue at this site. It is much more common than most people reaslise.

How many men are affected?

40-60% of men are affected to varying degrees
The commonest age in which it develops is from early teens to early 20s, and after the age of 50 years




Philip Turton - Breast Reconstruction after cancer surgeryThis is the result at 1-year following a fully tissue based reconstruction at the same time as the right skin sparing wise pattern mastectomy, using an extended autologous latissimus dorsi reconstruction, areola replacement, and subsequent nipple reconstruction performed by Mr Turton.







Cosmetic Breast Surgery

This site is a comprehensive source of information about Cosmetic Breast Surgery. It has been designed and authored by Mr Philip Turton, a leading Specialist Consultant Breast, Oncoplastic and Cosmetic Breast Surgeon. His Specialist Aesthetic Breast Surgery practice (all assessments, surgery and out-patients) is located at the Spire Hospital Leeds and the Leeds Nuffield Hospital, and all treatment is performed by Mr Turton.

Mr Turton has Full Registration on the GMC Specialist Register and holds a Substantive post as a Consultant Breast and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, based at Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, UK. Mr Turton is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Surgery for the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust. He teaches medical students and junior doctors about the basic principles of surgery and the specialist area of breast surgery. He is also a surgical trainer for Specialist Registrars learning the intricacies of Cosmetic Breast Surgery, Reconstructive Breast Surgery and Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. He is a member of the Education and Training Committee of the Association of Breast Surgery at BASO.

Mr Turton's NHS and Private Practice is based almost exclusively in the Specialty of Breast, Cosmetic Breast and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. Mr Turton is both an Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon (He uses breast plastic surgery skills combined with breast oncology surgery skills) and an Aesthetic Breast Surgeon (He has a dedicated special interest in Cosmetic Breast Surgery).

Mr Turton's Private Practice is dedicated to Cosmetic Breast Surgical procedures and surgery for breast problems. The commonest operation he performs is breast augmentation. He provides a comprehensive cosmetic breast surgery service (especially breast enlargement, implant surgery, reductions and breast uplifts). He offers breast enhancement with anatomical (shaped = tear drop) implants which is one of his specialist areas, a biodimensional planning service, all aspects of aesthetic breast surgery and more.

The latest styles of anatomical implants encompass a diverse range of specialist products. Mr Turton also offers a professional and state of the art Computer Assisted Imaging Software Service to facilitate implant selection. This has huge advantages in patients who have lost breast shape after prior pregnancies or those who have never had much breast development before and are quite thin. Please contact his secretary directly to book this service at his Saturday planning clinic at Spire Hospital Leeds (formally called BUPA Hospital Leeds, but recently renamed as part of the National Sales Stategy)- This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , on 07904315576.

The McGhan style 410 soft-touch breast implants and the dual gel style 510 implants are very specialised tear drop shape Generation 5 high cohesive gel products. Mr Turton has a very extensive experience with these products.

Mr Turton also specialises in the assement of male breast disorders. Male breast tissue excess (gynaecomastia) and fatty male breast tissue (usually called lipomastia or pseudo-gynaecomastia) requires particular expertise to treat. Excision of firm tissue and liposuction of fatty tissue may be required.

For a summary of the comprehensive Specialist Breast Services available CLICK HERE.

Mr Turton operates from the two most prestigious Private Hosptials in the North of England: the BUPA Hospital Leeds, (now has been renamed Spire Hospital Leeds )situated in Roundhay Leeds (LS81NT) and the Leeds Nuffield Hospital, which is located in the centre of Leeds (LS13EB). Both hospitals have state of the art equipment, comprehensive services and seamless integration with the multidiciplinary teams, as well as highly motivated professional and experienced staff.


Contact details may be found under the Consultation section of this web site, but are summarised here:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Direct Line- 0113 3882193

Mobile- 07904315576


This web site contains a large amount of information on aesthetic breast surgery, and details Mr Turton's views. The goal is to provide a detailed source of education on cosmetic breast surgery and to serve as a professional guide to patients and medical staff. Mr Turton wants to help patients understand more about Breast Surgery, the Specialist Breast Surgeon, and dedicated services offered in his practice as a Breast Specialist and Cosmetic Breast Surgeon.

This web site offers a personal opinion and should not be construed as advice to any particular patient or their condition. It may be regarded as a source of general information eg to supplement that provided from a consultation. If you would like to suggest additional content please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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